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Reasons for heading West, tokens of the past

Everone in Precipice got lost in the fog and found themselves in between worlds. Some people arrived by train, others on horseback, some on foot. Their reasons for heading West are varied. Reasons for Heading... Read More
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Fantasy coins to U.S. currency

During the period known as the Wild West, there were a number of coins in circulation, and until 1857, foreign coins, especially the Spanish dollar, were used in the U.S.  Here’s a list of coins... Read More
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Random Encounters: The Ranch

For each hex explored, roll 1d20. On a 1-10, there is no encounter. An 11-16 forces a roll on the Combat Encounters table, and an 18-20 will warrant a roll on the Social Encounters table.... Read More
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Inside Precipice: The Bells of Reckoning

Scattered around the town of Precipice are bell towers which serve to mark the passage of the hours, and they can also be rung to warn the population of an impending attack. Each bell has... Read More
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Random Features: The Ranch

This table will help to create the atmosphere in each hex. In general, use the description of the Ranch in the previous section, but use these results to create variations from hex to hex. Roll... Read More
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Hexcrawl Rules

You may be familiar with using a hex map to track overland travel in your adventures, and these hexes are typically 6 miles across (sometimes 12). When adventuring in dungeons, we use squares to represent... Read More

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