Random Encounters: The Ranch

July 19, 2018

For each hex explored, roll 1d20. On a 1-10, there is no encounter. An 11-16 forces a roll on the Combat Encounters table, and an 18-20 will warrant a roll on the Social Encounters table.

If the players choose to take a long rest in a hex, roll again.

The usage column is for tracking how many times these encounters have been put into play. I suggest the Deadly encounters only occur once. If you roll an encounter more times than suggested, choose another encounter in that difficulty bracket.

Combat Encounters usually result in violence, unless the party manages to avoid detection entirely, waiting for the monster to pass, or using stealth to move around it.

Social Encounters involve non-player characters that have their own agenda, but are not immediately threatening or violent. Some may request aid, offer support, or be willing to trade for goods and information.

Combat Encounters

Roll 1d8+1d12MonsterDifficulcy
3Cultist, SpectreHard
4Zombies (3)Hard
5Pseudodragons (3)Hard
6Animated Mining ContraptionMedium
7Death DogMedium
8Giant SpiderMedium
9Flying Mining Pick, zombieEasy
10Cultists (2)Easy
11Skeletons (2)Easy
12Steam mephits (2)Easy
13Myconid adultEasy
14Myconid adult, needle blightMedium
15Violet fungus, Twig blights (2)Medium
16Dretch, Manes (2)Medium
17Ghoul, ZombieHard
18Myconid adult, ScarecrowHard
19Myconid adults (2)Hard
20Spined devilDeadly

Role-playing Suggestions

  • Ghast: This was a shaman of the lost Munsee tribe, who betrayed his people and cursed them.
  • Pseudodragons: These Chinese dragons are locked in a brightly colored laminate chest.
  • Steam Mephits: They can be found inhabiting old mining contraptions which can be salvaged.

Social Encounters

1Lost minersSafe passage to surface$120
2SurveyorsMap informationMap information
3Bandit prisonerTo be freeService as henchman
4Medicine manTo find a rare plantPotions
5Sherrif and deputyLocation of a criminal$100 each
6TelemancerMonster defeated, telegraph line connectedCommunication services
7Sprite warriorBandit scalpsSleep poison or antidote
8ThiefHis hidden stash to remain a secretWill buy/sell black market goods

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