Reasons for heading West, tokens of the past

July 30, 2018

Everone in Precipice got lost in the fog and found themselves in between worlds. Some people arrived by train, others on horseback, some on foot. Their reasons for heading West are varied.

Reasons for Heading West

Roll 1d4 to determine who’s involved (1 = family, 2 = friend, 3 = foe, 4 = mystery), then roll 1d20 to determine your reason. You may also select what interests you.

  1. To fulfill/avoid an obligation
  2. To pay/escape a debt
  3. To find a missing person
  4. To impress someone
  5. You are wanted for horse theft
  6. You are wanted for murder
  7. You are wanted for arson
  8. You are wanted for forgery
  9. You are wanted for train robbery
  10. You are wanted for desertion
  11. You received a telegraph offering payment for help
  12. You seek revenge/justice
  13. You have betrayed someone
  14. To escape an abusive relationship
  15. To find a cure
  16. You lost a bet
  17. You follow a ghost
  18. A ghost follows you
  19. To attend a funeral
  20. To make your fortune

Tokens of the Past

Roll 1d4 to determine who owned the item before you (1 = family, 2 = friend, 3 = foe, 4 = unknown), then roll 1d20 for the item.

  1. A small, silver-framed mirror
  2. An ivory hairbrush
  3. A wanted poster
  4. A faded photograph
  5. An antler-handled Bowie knife
  6. Native-made jewelry
  7. A lock of hair tied with a yellow ribbon
  8. A human scalp
  9. The ace of spades with a name written on it
  10. A raven’s skull
  11. A popular book, hollow
  12. An expensive hat
  13. A Union sergeant’s stripes
  14. A handwritten letter
  15. A Confederate flag
  16. A music box
  17. A European porcelain smoking pipe
  18. A delicate silk handkerchief
  19. A ticket to the Ford Theater
  20. A baby rattle

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